Your Employee's Computer Is All The Evidence You Need

Protect your business by investigating suspicious employee computer activity with Spector CNE Investigator

A License To Fit Your Needs


Available in 60 or 90 day terms. Designed for temporary, focused investigations. Full recording & review capability. Additional term licenses may be applied to extend an investigation.

Monitored Endpoint

Designed for on-going employee monitoring of a single machine. Full recording & review capability. Perpetual license with annual renewal for premium maintenance and support.


Designed for focused employee monitoring that can be reassigned. Full recording & review capability. Perpetual license with annual renewal for premium maintenance and support.

See how Spector CNE Investigator works

Spector CNE Investigator uses an invisible agent on your Windows and Mac clients to record and alert you to suspect employee activity.

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Helping investigate the employee actions that hurt your business:

Wasted Time on the Internet

Find out who is your biggest offender by seeing exactly where, when, and how much time your employees are spending on non-work activities.

Theft of Corporate Data

Detect when customer lists, financial records or other high value business documents are accessed and know exactly what is done with them.

HR Issues

Be alerted in real-time when inappropriate communications or actions occur across web, email, chat, webmail, and social media.

Compliance Violations

Audit compliance policies and procedures by watching employee actions. Should a problem occur, be notified in real-time and know, with certainty, the extent of the problem.

Employee Misconduct

Determine exactly what an employee is or is not doing while on the clock and quickly review his or her day in a matter of minutes.

Need-Based Functionality

Whether you need a focused, temporary investigation or require on-going employee monitoring in your business, Spector CNE Investigator is the right product for you.

Ready to start your investigation?

Get Accurate & Reliable Evidence

Spector CNE Investigator automatically records all computer activity, creating a record that can be used as evidence in civil and criminal litigation.

Remotely Deploy & Manage

Spector CNE Investigator’s invisible agent can be remotely deployed to your Windows and Mac clients silently.

Keep Your Data Secure

Recordings are centrally encrypted, stored and password protected, ensuring only appropriate eyes access and view the data.

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Spector CNE Investigator Clients and Supported Features

Feature Windows Mac
Record Chat/ IM Yes Partial
Record Email Yes Yes
Record Webmail Yes Future Release
Record Keystrokes Typed Yes Yes
Record Website History Yes Partial
Record Program / Application Activity Yes Yes
Record Online Searches Yes Partial
Record File Transfers Yes Yes
Record Social Media Yes Partial
Record Screenshots Yes Yes
Record Document Tracking Yes Yes
Record Network Activity Yes Yes
Web Filtering Yes Partial
Chat Blocking Yes Future Release
Keyword Alerts Yes Future Release